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Gardner Group offers specialist advice on a broad range of building related issues in reference to Essential Services in the form of written reports, building audits, research, technical advice and acting as statutory Building Surveyors in those Australian states that recognise the privatisation of Building Control.

Building Surveying, by its very nature, has to deal with changing legislation on a daily basis, and whilst the basic legislation in relation to requirements for the maintenance of Essential Safety Measures is relatively simple, we believe that it is also necessary to have a thorough understanding of the Building Code of Australia and all of the associated Australian Standards to ensure that the auditing and certification of Essential Safety Measures Maintenance is undertaken to an appropriate level.

Our portfolio includes the issuing of approximately 600 Building Permits over the last 12 months, together with the auditing and certification of approximately 150 properties in relation to Essential Safety Measures.


Our ongoing experience in the arena of Essential Safety Measures maintenance and sign off over a number of years has allowed our office to become one of the leaders in this field.

As a guide, usual methodologies adopted on Essential Safety Measures engagement include the following:

  • The overall approach is to quickly familiarise ourselves with the building maintenance history.
  • Identify the strengths of existing systems.
  • Identify improvements for the system.
  • Full building audit and concise reporting strategies.
  • One on one direct correspondence and liaison with the Chief Engineer to ensure sign off is achieved.
  • Ongoing advice and availability throughout the contract for building/centre staff.


  • Carrying out of an audit of the building reviewing Essential Safety Measure requirements with due regard to legislation requirements at the time of construction.
  • A review of the maintenance schedule for each of the Essential Safety Measures to be performed on the building (based on the legislative requirements for that service).
  • An Audit of the Essential Safety Measures maintenance carried out with reference to the relative standard.
  • Review draft reports etc with the Building/Site Managers prior to final issue.
  • Carry out Quarterly Inspection and Audit of the following:
      • Exit Doors.
      • Paths of Travel to Exits.
  • Carry out Annual Audit of Essential Safety Measure maintenance logbooks, comment on performance and any defects.
  • Carry out walk through inspection to review overall performance of passive/active fire safety systems.
  • Prepare appropriate statement and sign off (where satisfactory evidence provided regarding compliance) within the initial 12 month engagement. 

In addition to the above, we can comprehensively carry out Annual Design Surveys, Full Function Fire Testing and establishing Annual Essential Safety Measures Logbooks and Manual. Detailed below is a brief overview of additional services we can provide.

Annual Design Survey

  • Attendance and site inspection to conduct a visual inspection from floor level of various critical elements and services installations.
  • Inspection of common areas, passageways, tenancies and all back of house/storage areas associated with tenancies.
  • Visual inspection of all accessible areas of the building.
  • Production of a report indicating the outcome and recommendations.

Annual Full Function Fire Test Services

  • Attendance at annual full function fire test in the year.
  • Review scope & methodology, including fire matrices, as applicable.
  • Overview of contractors works.

ESM Manual

  • Source and collate existing documents for centre and incorporate into manual as necessary.
  • Preparation of site specific Essential Safety Measures Manual.
  • Periodic liaison during course of contract with the Building Manager to ensure systems are operating effectively and maintenance is being carried out and recorded.

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