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Gardner Group is one of Australia's largest building surveying companies with an impeccable reputation built on delivering thousands of projects for all of Australia's leading owners, developers and architects.

The group has fulfilled all its legal and regulatory obligations on two projects that have attracted media coverage recently – the Lacrosse apartment building in Melbourne and the Mount Waverley excavation.

We note media reports that 700 practitioners have been reprimanded since 2009, and wish to emphasize that Gardner Group has not been the subject of any findings of misconduct. In its 25 years of operation Gardner Group has never had an adverse claim or court ruling against it.

Building surveyors are responsible for issuing building permits prior to construction. They are also responsible for inspecting building works at specific hold points established by the relevant building regulations, to ensure works are carried out in accordance with approved building permit documents.

They are not responsible for the choices made by contractors in how they execute their works, non-approved product substitution or non-approved work methods.

Gardner Group supports debate on changes to the regulatory regime to strengthen compliance.

Gardner Group looks forward to the completion of various investigations into the two projects, and the publication of all the relevant facts.

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